White Sands of New Mexico

I recently did some work in Alamogordo, New Mexico.  The Chief Nursing Officer told me to be sure and visit White Sands while I was there.  Well, you could see the sands (glistening stream of white) from Alamogordo – and they must have been 20 miles away.  So, I thought….well…..ok, white sands…I’ll take a look.  The most important thing she told me was to drive all the way “to the end” of the sands. 

Interestingly (and I’m sure not by coincidence), I had visited Cloudcroft that very evening and stopped at a deep canyon to look at the incredible patterns in the sky – it was as if the sky was calling me to stop and look.  There was a gentleman who had “the best seat in the house”.  He and his wife had parked their car and brought chairs to watch the sunset from an incredible vista – and listen to the water rushing deep below. (I had no idea there was water in the canyon !)  He said to me, “If you hurry, you can see the sands at sunset”.  So, off I go.

When I arrived at the White Sands National Park, I saw the sands- a thin layer with the vegetation characteristic of a desert growing throughout –  as far as I could see.  But, I remembered and kept on driving – and – what I saw and felt was unbelievable. 

The deeper you go into the “forest”, the less vegetation and more glistening white sand.  Soon, the road disappears and you are now driving on packed sand and have paths that the park has cleared for your journey. 

The sun is setting and now I understand why O’Keefe moved to the Southwest to paint.  The sky is blazing with yellow, pink, purple, red and blue.  The sun is disappearing behind a mountain range and as I drive deeper, the sand dunes are getting higher and higher.  They are over my head.  I feel like I’m in Anartacia or maybe on another planet.  The stars are beginning to peek out of the heavens. 

I am at the end and I park my car.  I have on my black suit and black heels from an earlier presentation.  I kick off my heels and am drawn to the top of one of the dunes.  I know I am not alone.

The moon comes up behind me and ahead of me I can see lightening and thunder of a distant storm.  The lights of Alamorgordo are beginning to shine.  The wind – I hear the wind and can hear the white sands blowing.  The winds blow beautiful curving patterns throughout the white desert sands.

At that moment, I fall to my knees, black suit and all and know that I am in a Holy place.  A place of the Divine.  A place for me to reflect on the power of our God and the gifts He shows us – we just have to be open, watch and listen.

Drive to the end, dear friends.  Watch for the people in your life to guide you.  KNOW you are loved and being guided for He promised all things for the good to those who love Him.  And, love Him, honor Him, acknowledge Him in all that you do.  And, the peace of the Lord will be with you always – to the very end.

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