Pat Farrell’s work has appeared in the publications “For Her” and “Spirit of Women’s Extend Your Reach”



Pat Farrell shares her passion and motivation for bringing God’s message to rejuvenate your spirit and motivate your soul. Her inspirational messages will encourage you to look closely at your gifts and passions and use them to become the person God created you to be!


Click the play button below to hear Pat share her passionate words at the revival at Jordan’s Chapel United Methodist Church.

The amazing Patricia Farrell from revival at Jordan’s Chapel United Methodist Church. This post is for those of you that were not part of the 86 in attendance tonight, or even if you were to watch again.

Posted by Scott Merritt on Monday, March 7, 2016


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“Finding God’s Purpose in Your Life”

Too many people go through life unfulfilled and searching for true meaning in their existence. They get up everyday and go to a job that leaves them empty and knowing that “there must be more to life than this.” Pat Farrell has been on that journey and takes what God taught her to help you find your true path. Discover wonderful secrets about life and living! Become all that you were intended to be! This topic can be offered in a keynote presentation, workshop or retreat.

“Pat Farrell is THE MOST dynamic, engaging, effective speaker I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She has insight into the human spirit and is able to draw in the listener through her real life examples” 

Tiffany R. Keys 

“From Broken to Beautiful”

You’ve been married 5, 10, 25 or 40 years and he’s gone. Perhaps you lost your partner through a natural death or the unnatural death of divorce. Suddenly, you find yourself alone and frightened wondering who you are and what you are on earth to do. This is a topic that Pat Farrell understands on a personal basis. Find out who God intended for you to become. Realize that your life is not over but that you are just beginning to blossom discovering your inner gifts and talents. This presentation can also be delivered in a workshop or retreat location.

“Find your Passion – Change Your Life”

If life has become mundane and you have lost your joy in living, this retreat is designed for you. Walk in unknown territory. Discover the joy within – given to you to embrace everyday of your life.




Pat Farrell is an expert in employee motivation and personal rejuvenation. Pat’s purpose is to provide inspiration to change thinking and re-energize the workplace environment.

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Pat Farrell, National Motivational Life Coach & Speaker, was a Program Speaker for the Art of Nursing event hosted by Elizabeth Scala. This is a segment of Pat’s presentation on “You Have a Calling on Your Life: What an Honor to be a Nurse.” To purchase the Art of Nursing virtual program, click here.

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“Connect, Encourage, Empower – One Person at a Time”

Too often, in healthcare, we are overwhelmed with the day to day pressures and forget the reason we chose the medical field in the first place. Designed to offer real life measures to reconnect with the power and possibilities of our profession, this program is sure to get you back in motion!

“Just wanted to thank you again for the seminar. I returned to work last night and the hospital was buzzing with positive comments. One nurse told me it was life changing “it reignited my passion for nursing and God” Wow – that makes it all worth it. Can’t wait until next one. You must come back!!! Keep in touch – God Bless.”

Donna Speidell, RN, Administrative Supervisor Virginia Baptist Hospital Lynchburg, Virginia

“Stop the Bleed  – Ending Horizontal Violence”

Too often, nurses have accepted and endured a work environment of negativity.  Methods of self discovery and group empowerment will be shared.  Participants will be inspired to make a difference not only in themselves but with their colleagues. This presentation gets to the heart of the problem – lack of self-esteem and an environment of negativity.

“Compassion Fatigue: Caring too Much with too Little”

Every day, we give so much because we care so much. Finding a healthy balance in today’s world is critical to living a life refreshed and energized. This program provides enthusiasm and motivation along with real life changes to face each day with renewed faith, hope and purpose.