No Coincidence

It was a Mennonite Sister who taught me a great lesson many years ago.  I had seen the sisters. I knew who they were – but really didn’t know who they were.

I was working a 3-11 shift at a small rural hospital in North Carolina and a young Mennonite woman came in to deliver triplets – and she had a year old child at home. She wanted to breastfeed all of them so (as a lactation consultant) they called me!

She came in with her two sisters. These sisters stood like silent sentries near her bedside. They were not there to look after the babies – they were there to minister to her. They would comb her hair or offer her something to drink. They would go home and grind grain, bake bread and bring for her to eat. This is something I wish we had more of today. On the evening before they were to be discharged, I was standing at the elevator – going home myself. One of the sisters came running down the hall, “Wait! Please wait! We didn’t get a chance to say thank you – and that no meeting is by coincidence.”

What that simple statement did for me was simply change my life. I started looking at who was coming into my life. Who was crossing my path. What lessons was I to learn?

Who is coming into your life? Who are the patients/clients/customers God has entrusted to you for care? Who is being sent to you? What lessons are there for you to learn? What are you to teach? Look around you. Start watching…..

Make no mistake – it won’t be a coincidence!

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”  Hebrews 13:2

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