Breaking Down the Natural Barrier of Fear

I have been a nurse for more than 40 years. Several years ago when my husband Trip suffered a terrible injury, I became aware of the difference in the perception of healthcare providers. Not having practiced at the bedside for more than 20 years, I was suddenly on the “other side” of care. I became aware of those who encourage and promote healing, and those … Read more


It seems when I do something selfish or irresponsible, like knowingly easing ahead of someone in line or even being nosey and trying to find out something about someone that is none of my business, God reminds me immediately and even tries to get my attention when I’m doing it. When will I learn to listen to His Spirit? The result is guilt, and I … Read more

Where Are You in the Story?

It always helps me better understand the Bible when I ask myself, “Am I in this story? Can I relate to any of these characters? Is God speaking to me?” Too often when writing and preparing sermons, I feel like Moses must have felt when God asked him to go and to speak to the Israelites. I am in the story. “Me?” Moses replied. “You’re … Read more