Whose Truth?

Whose Truth?

In this world today, everybody has a “truth.” My truth trumps your truth trumps their truth. It can go on and on with no resolution, but can cause chaos and mistrust. Where do we turn? We turn to God for truth! When something does not resonate in your spirit, turn to the breathed Word of God for your answers: the Bible. The Bible needs to … Read more

Wake Up Church!

Brothers and Sisters – It is time we stopped living in denial. The world is decaying around us, and we choose to look away or blame certain entities or circumstances. It’s time to look at the truth. Look behind the guns, the alcohol, and the drugs. Look into the eyes of a lost soul. A soul, lost in this world, who feels alone, dejected, rejected, … Read more

Facing Days of Despair

Some days I experience the doldrums. I don’t know what brings these emotions on. I’m sitting here this morning feeling pretty useless and wishing God would just do something to fix this! I love the times when we have this wonderful energy and purpose! It may come when you just see the sunrise of dawn or when you have plans to visit a friend. That … Read more

Teach Us to Number Our Days

Teach us to number our days, so that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12 One of the best things I learned to help me in the New Year came from a Christian author and speaker that I was privileged to hear last year. He spoke at The Academy for Spiritual Formation in Alabama. What you are about to hear sounds ghastly, but … Read more