Worship in Spirit and in Truth

Worship in Spirit and in Truth

The story of the woman at the well is filled with meaning for each of us. Jesus met this young woman where she was at in her life. Jesus loved her and accepted her past “warts and all.” That was relevant to me and perhaps to many of you. But it was His message of worship that attracted me to ponder and meditate its deep … Read more

Why Can’t I Get You to Love Me?

I’ll bet I am not the only woman who has asked herself that very question. It reminds me of a particular time in my life that I would rather forget. Sorry guys – this blog is strictly for the girls, but feel free to share it with your daughters and granddaughters. Why couldn’t I get him to love me? Didn’t I give him everything? I … Read more

The Addiction of the News

I watch too much television. I’m not referring to game shows or sitcoms, but the news. It is a struggle not to watch the news all day, and I have to be intentional that I will only watch 1 hour/day and then turn it off. Here’s what I came to understand. I can do more for this world by devoted and sincere prayer for this … Read more

Living with Fear

I, like many of you, do not like being afraid. It is such an insecure, unstable place of needless worry. Sometimes fear hits us suddenly, but more often it creeps in, coming and going throughout the day. I was recently fearful about a situation of which I had absolutely no control. Why would I worry and be afraid when there was nothing I could do … Read more

The Tattoo

I saw him enter the gym as I was finishing on the elliptical glider. You couldn’t help but notice him as he was covered in tattoos. “What is this about?” I thought to myself. “Why would you put that ink all over you knowing it doesn’t come off?” In seeing the tattoos, it made me wonder: What is he trying to say? Who is he, … Read more