What do friends do?

Dinner was at my house last night.  Members of the Nurses Christian Fellowship were my guests. We came together in body and spirit – united in Christ with our goal to care for His patients.  We prayed and told him “It’s getting hard, Lord.  It’s always been a challenge but now it’s almost a battle. Help us to stay focused on the patient.  Remove the chains of bureaucracy from us. We are burdened by the system.  When it gets chaotic on our unit, be with us.  Surround us with a bubble of love.  A shield of protection from the many arrows that come at us.  Arrows of anger and envy.  Arrows of unkind words and narrowness of spirit.  Help us remember who we are and why we are here.  We are here to show your people kindness and compassion.  We are here to encourage trust in our workplaces.  Let all who know us know we will not gossip or waste any of our time in meaningless work.  We will not text.  We will not curse.  And, when we have done all that we can do – we will stand in Your glory and honor.  And, we will remember Your promise that You would never leave us.  You promised that you would guide us.  And, we promise to forever stand in You and with You and by You.”  

 God, bless the nurses.  They are Your friends.  Shield them and cover them with unconditional love.

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