Breaking Down the Natural Barrier of Fear

I have been a nurse for more than 40 years. Several years ago when my husband Trip suffered a terrible injury, I became aware of the difference in the perception of healthcare providers. Not having practiced at the bedside for more than 20 years, I was suddenly on the “other side” of care. I became aware of those who encourage and promote healing, and those … Read more

My Worst Performance Ever

I remember the night very clearly: I had prepared for weeks and was ready for this presentation. What an honor to bring God’s message to such a powerful group of people. These were cancer survivors, and my message was of hope. I was well versed in my topic, and would be including the story about Jezebel and how fear tries to overcome our faith. I … Read more

Where Are You, Lord?

The winds gust and howl, bending the pine trees outside my window. A redbird is riding out this storm on a cylinder feeder. He reminds me of myself in riding out life’s storms. There is a particular storm that I dislike the most. It is the storm of emptiness. It is that place where you don’t feel God in your life. Hell can surely be … Read more