Where Are You, Lord?

The winds gust and howl, bending the pine trees outside my window. A redbird is riding out this storm on a cylinder feeder. He reminds me of myself in riding out life’s storms.

There is a particular storm that I dislike the most. It is the storm of emptiness. It is that place where you don’t feel God in your life. Hell can surely be defined as any place without God.

Where Are You Lord?

I get up early and sit alone. I call out to Him, and yet I do not hear His coming to me. I cannot discern His presence. He is nowhere for me to find Him.

Where Are You Lord?

I have so many questions and need so many answers. You know that I have a huge retreat coming up and multiple speeches and sermons to prepare, and yet nothing is coming to me to write. And what about this book? I know this book was Your idea. I heard Your whisper, and yet I’m sitting here begging for instruction and – nothing.

It is so easy to fall into Satan’s trap and question Your life and Your purpose. I could sit around today and ask myself if anything I have said or done has meant anything to anybody.

But I won’t. I will not worry. I will not concentrate on what I do not know and cannot control.

I will concentrate and meditate on what I do know.

You see, Lord, You promised that You would never leave me. You promised that You would go before and behind me; that You would protect and guide me. And, You never break a promise. So, I’ll just wait. I know You are here. I know it because You told me.

This servant will wait.

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His word, I put my hope.” Psalm 130:5

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