White Sands of New Mexico

I recently did some work in Alamogordo, New Mexico.  The Chief Nursing Officer told me to be sure and visit White Sands while I was there.  Well, you could see the sands (glistening stream of white) from Alamogordo – and they must have been 20 miles away.  So, I thought….well…..ok, white sands…I’ll take a look.  The most important thing she told me was to drive … Read more

No Coincidence

It was a Mennonite Sister who taught me a great lesson many years ago.  I had seen the sisters. I knew who they were – but really didn’t know who they were. I was working a 3-11 shift at a small rural hospital in North Carolina and a young Mennonite woman came in to deliver triplets – and she had a year old child at … Read more

Angels in the Airport

Make no mistake – you will be guided. Have you ever felt you were in an absolute desolate situation with no way out?  Have you wondered what on earth you are suppose to do? In 2002, my daughter gave birth to my grandchild. I was in Hobbs, New Mexico and she was in Richmond, Virginia. We were very close.  I flew back to be with her for … Read more

Experiencing the "rest of God"

Have you experienced being in the “rest of God”?  What does that mean and how does that feel? How do we “rest in God” when we are so overwhelmed and feel so lost?   Well, if you are struggling, you are not alone.  I myself have days of depression and despair.  I have those days of wondering why on earth I am here and what is … Read more

Finding Happiness

Well, another day has dawned and I fully intend to do everything I can to be happy in it! Notice that I said “I intend” to be happy. I’m not waiting on anybody or anything – it is my intention to be happy today! So, what makes me happy? The dawn of a new day. Watching the sun come up with it’s purple and pink … Read more