God can use your past to help someone’s future…

“You have to help me.” She wrote. “I remembered you, and I need your prayers. It’s my daughter. She’s left home. She graduated from high school – was ready to go off to college and she ran away with a boy she hardly knew. She gave up her friends and family. She turned her back on everyone. Can you pray for us? We are devastated.”

My heart flipped as I read her message. My reply came quickly.

“Don’t be devastated,” I said. “You see, I am your daughter. I left home with the clothes on my back for a boy I hardly knew. Forfeited my scholarship and chance to go to college. Turned my back on everyone. And, look at what God can do. I am His living testimony that no matter what you have done or said – there is nothing He cannot do – fix – mend or repair. The Lord loves you and He will bring her home – in His time and in her time. There are many lessons to be learned. The lessons He taught me – I would not give or trade for any others. Made me the woman I am today. So, don’t ever lose hope. God was with me and He will be with you and your child.”

“Seriously?” came her reply. “Oh my goodness I would have never thought you would have been her. What a testimony you have!! Thank you so much for these words. You have given me hope.”

Yes, indeed.

God allows us to use our free will to make decisions. He must shake His head sometimes at the choices we make. But, He also promises all good things will come to those who love Him and live to serve His purpose. How blessed I am that He never breaks a promise, and by His great love and grace, He can use my past – my mistakes and wrong turns – to give someone else hope for their future.

Give someone hope. Share the lessons He has taught you today.

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