Tips For the New Year Journey

The New Year brings with it – a freshness – a rejuvenation – an opportunity to do something different – to make a difference – to be forgiven or forgive. To be kinder to yourself and to others. To finally become whom God intended – after all these years.

It’s a journey, but there are tips for the trip.

  • Create stillness in your life each and everyday.
  • Be thankful for everything and nothing.
  • Study the ancient scriptures – knowing God’s wisdom will be revealed to you.
  • Reconnect with old friends – the ones who love you even when they don’t see you.
  • When you don’t have peace with something – say no.
  • Finally becoming who you really are by taking the time to find out.
  • Use your gifts and talents to help someone find their way.
  • Listen to your inner wisdom – God gave it to you – trust Him to guide you.
  • Recognize His divine presence in everything and everybody.
  • Ask for His help.  You were never intended to go this alone.

May the God of our universe grant you peace and purpose this New Year! And, will all God’s children be bold to say “Amen.”

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