This whole thing is about love…..

Life. I get it. It’s about love. Think about it. With love, we can survive anything. There would be no wars. No greed. No divorce. With love, there would be tolerance, patience, understanding and even self control.
My husband suffered a closed head injury on November 29th of this year. It changed my life in so many ways. While he has recovered with no lingering signs of any trauma, there were days when I didn’t think he would return to himself. He was so forgetful. He could not remember yesterday. He would repeat himself over and over again. I could not leave him and if I did, I would have to get someone to come over and watch him.
That was when I sat and prayed for strength and courage to continue. I wondered how I would survive. How would I continue to care for him day after day? And, then I knew. I would love him. Every time he asked me the same question over and over, I would love him. When I would have to hide his medication so he wouldn’t forget and take another dose, I would love him. When he could not remember my birthday, I would love him. I would consider it a loving act – a divine act – to love God’s servant everyday for the rest of my life. I would be blessed to have been chosen to love. I would love him as Christ loves me.
It was then that I felt that peace that transcends all understanding. I was not alone. And, God would be with me for the remainder of my life loving me as I loved my husband. I could survive. I would thrive.

This whole thing is about love.....

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