There is nothing you can do….

There is a lesson coming in every trial or tragedy.  Our Doberman, Windsor, has opened our hearts to compassion that we have not known before.  With months to live, we are cherishing every moment with him.  We are living in the moment and appreciating everything that we have and know and do.

God taught me an even greater lesson through my friend, Cheryl Payton. (Typical of how He works)  When I said “There is nothing you can do or say”….. my friend said to me, “Oh, you are so wrong.  I can hold your hand.  I can sit with you.  I can and will go with you to take him to his doctor.  I can just be with you.”

And, at that moment, I remembered.  There is one thing that NEVER CHANGES.  And, that is God’s love for each one of us and how he uses people to show His compassion.  He never leaves us and we are never alone.

Go see a friend today.  And, if you’re thinking there is nothing you can do or say… are so wrong….you can hold their hand….sit with them….take them someplace where they may not want to go…be with them…..

Love them the way God loves you.

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