The Tattoo

I saw him enter the gym as I was finishing on the elliptical glider. You couldn’t help but notice him as he was covered in tattoos. “What is this about?” I thought to myself. “Why would you put that ink all over you knowing it doesn’t come off?”

In seeing the tattoos, it made me wonder:

What is he trying to say?
Who is he, and what is he searching for?

When he turned, I saw one of the tattoos was the Passion of the Christ, which went from the top of his right shoulder to the tip of his elbow. A stillness came within me. Here was a strong and courageous warrior of Christ who was not afraid to show to the world to whom he belonged. He was bold in a statement to show the permanency of his beliefs.

Jesus said, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”

How foolish I was to judge this young man. Think of how many people he will reach who would not give me a second thought.

Our God is some kind of cool! He will reach you wherever you are. It doesn’t have to be in a church pew; it could even be in the gym.

“Who is this that darkens my counsel with words without knowledge?” Job 38: 2

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