Silence is Not Always Golden

Have you ever “gone along with the crowd” to be accepted or to gain popularity?  I think we were all guilty of that at some point when we were younger, but certainly not today.  Right?

Do you remember that in order to please the crowd, you would go right along with making fun of someone or intentionally snubbing them? How about when you remained silent knowing that someone was being wrongly accused or talked about in an unflattering way?  You may have thought, “Well, I didn’t actually say anything ….”

We were so afraid of the crowd, and of those whom we thought were so valuable to our popularity, that we stood back and remained silent.  While we didn’t actually “say anything,” we appeared to go along and tried to tell ourselves that we were blameless.

So did Pontius Pilate.  His wife encouraged him to “have nothing to do with that innocent man” as she told Pontius of a nightmare she had about Jesus.  Roman law said that an innocent man should not be put to death, and yet the crowd roared to crucify Him. Weak and afraid of peer pressure, Pilate washed his hands and said, “I am innocent of this man’s blood.  This one is your responsibility.”

The next time you hear someone make a racial slur or a derogatory remark about another person, you can’t wash your hands of it and expect it to go away.  Stand up for what is right. Have no part of a group who degrades another person or in any way causes intentional pain and emotional suffering.

Silence will not rid us of a wrong.

Why?  What crime has he committed?” asked Pilate….But they shouted all the louder…. Matthew 27:23

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