Open Membership

We have this new president of our club (relatively new – he has had the position for about 2000 years). This guy is amazing. No matter how many times I make a mistake, He always says “It’s ok”.  He’ll ask me what I learned and then he never brings it up again.  On top of that, he

  • Has never broken a promise
  • Is always right on time
  • Holds me accountable in a nonjudgemental way and
  • Listens as if I were the only person on earth

The only thing he asks for is loyalty and teamwork and to show kindness and care about the fellow members.  Who wouldn’t want to join a group led by a leader who never changes – no matter what?  Yes, no matter what is in your past, you’re always forgiven and respected.  The meetings are held every day all day but the location is so close to home that it feels like it’s right in your heart.

A bunch of us get together on Sundays because we are so grateful to be a part of this club!  We also don’t want to miss a chance to encourage one another and remind everybody that they are never alone.

See you on Sunday? It’s an open membership 🙂

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