Lessons from next door…

It’s getting closer to spring and I wanted to remind us all again of the lessons that may be right next door. A couple of years ago, I was sitting at my computer – and pondering my next newsletter.  “What is my message?”  Drawing an absolute blank, I finally said, “Lord, I give up.  What are the lessons you want me to share?  What do YOU have to say?” And, then, I turned my head and looked right next door.

 My next door neighbor is a very young entrepreneur.  He owns a lawn care company and I might add it is quite a large and profitable one.  He has a team of guys who work for him and his turnover is little to none.  What is he doing that we can apply to our lives? Who is he that his team shows up, does great work and respects their leader?  Here is what he showed me.

1.  He is always with them.  I never see this team of workers without their leader close by.

2.  He is one of them.  He is so closely associated with them that I can’t tell him apart from the team!

3.  They all wear the same shirts.  He has figured it out.  Everybody is on one team.  His team. 

4.  He spends long hours listening and directing them.

5.  He celebrates with them – has cookouts and parties.  (He’s been the cook and the server.)

6.  He rewards hard work and trustworthiness with greater responsibilities and career advancement.  I notice that

 some guys stay with him and others take large trucks and equipment to various locations.

7.  He  sets an example to the team by treating  his customers with respect and dignity. (I am a customer and no

 matter how many times, I have changed my mind about  my own landscaping – he smiles and makes me feel good

about my decisions.) 

 8.  He is an example of hard work, dedication and honest living.  This team obviously respects their leader by their

loyalty, dedication and excellent quality of work. I’ll bet there is nothing they would not do for “their” landscaping


What did I learn in all of this?  Sometimes, you can read all the books on leadership, study all of the latest and greatest trends when all you need to do is ask God for some help and then watch for His answers.  Everything I needed to learn was right next door. 

Where are the lessons in your life?  Who and what is right next door? Watch for the Teacher who will send someone into your life and most importantly, don’t forget to ask.

 P.S.  I also noticed that this young man had purchased a boat and all of the guys were out there washing and polishing it.  I’ll bet they all got a chance to enjoy that boat on the lake in the summertime too!

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