Study the Ancient Scriptures – Knowing God’s Wisdom Will be Revealed to You

Our New Year journey continues for 2014!

Tip #3: Study the ancient scriptures – knowing God’s wisdom will be revealed to you.

How are we ever supposed to know what God wants us to know – if we don’t read His Word?

When Jesus gave His Sermon on the Mount, the Word says, “He saw the crowds, sat down on the mountainside and He began to teach them.” Well, “them” is “us.”

The Word was written so that we can find ourselves in the stories. So we can question and ponder the meaning of His parables. The Word was written for God to teach us – to speak His truth to us.

Take time – open a space in your life – for God to speak directly to you.

Share how God’s wisdom has affected or changed your life.

Stay tuned for Tip #4: Reconnect with old friends – the ones who love you even when they don’t see you.

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