It's bigger than the game.

The verse was from Philippians 4:13.  I knew that verse and this young man wore it proudly under his eyes as he quarterbacked his football team. Wow. What a brave warrior he must be.  This was someone I wanted to see play in person and not on a television screen.

It was the last home game in the Florida Gators Stadium and my husband and I were in “The Swamp”.  It wasn’t the roar of the crowds or the thrill of being on a college campus.  It was even bigger than this quarterback that I had come to see.  It was what God was doing through him.  There were thousands of young people with that scripture written under their eyes.

I have continued to follow Tim Tebow from his college days to the Denver Broncos.  Sidelined, it was the Denver fans that were responsible for pressuring the coaching staff to let him play! Often ridiculed and persecuted by the press, he stood strong in what
he believed and he believed he could play. The commentators said, ‘He’ll never make it.”  “He can’t throw the ball.”  And week after week, he would win.  With no seemingly chance of winning – within minutes of the games ending – interceptions occurred, long throws were completed and power driven runs came down to the finish line. Touchdown after touchdown.  His opponents seemed perplexed.  The sports commentators began to scratch their heads and call him a mystery. “Unbelievable”. “Makes no sense.”  One announcer said, “If he wins this game, I’ll start going to church.” He won.  Another said, “If he wins this game, I’ll speak in tongues.”  He won.

While forbidden to wear the scriptures in the NFL, he proudly thanks his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for every winning victory.  He prays openly on the football field and has started a movement for the entire world to see.  ( Tebowing means to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.)

Tim Tebow is no mystery but an example of one of God’s mighty warriors.  And, when you know God and have a relationship with Him who powers all drives, you get it.  You see, it’s not about the game at all!  Win or lose, we all win when we honor Him who sends us to play.

What one young man has done for millions of fans.  He’s winning a game larger than life itself.  His finish line is not of this
earth but the next.

Make sure you know, I’ll be watching Tim Tebow every Sunday play his heart out – believing in a power greater than himself.  Believing in that power that shines through and within all of us.

“I can do all things through Him who gives me strength” Philippians 4: 13

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