Create Stillness in Your Life Each and Every Day

For the start of 2014, I shared how the New Year brings a rejuvenation – an opportunity to do something different – to make a difference.

Let’s take a moment to look more in-depth at each of the tips for your New Year Journey.

Tip #1: Create stillness in your life each and everyday.

It was in the desert of my life that I came to understand my purpose – rediscover my passion.

What I came to know was that I had to be sent to that place so that I could be still enough to listen.  Between, jobs, organizations, kids, husband – life – I had to be sent to a place where I could get still – so that I could hear past the noise.

Tip 1: Create stillness in your life each and every day.
It was in stillness that I heard God’s wordless voice speak to me.

Make time for this stillness.

To pray is to celebrate, to ask, to give thanks but to meditate – in stillness – is to receive.

Share below how you are rediscovering your passion and purpose, and how you are making time for stillness in your life.


Stay tuned for Tip #2: Be thankful for everything and nothing.

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  1. Pat,
    Thank you for the reminder to be still and quiet. I practice morning meditation, intentional affirmation, visualization and gratitudes. But I sometimes wonder, am I still ‘doing’ during these exercises? To be still, totally still and quiet with nothing, now that is a unique sense of being. Where and when do you go to find your stillness? Thanks for an excellent post!


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