…and the land was spacious, peaceful and quiet. 1 Chronicles 4:40

When I flew into Albuquerque, the verse from 1 Chronicles came to mind. I had forgotten how vast and open the land is in New Mexico. I had forgotten how you can see forever – absolutely everyone has a view.

I settled into nostalgia…remembering what all I had learned in the desert. How I had finally listened to that small voice inside that kept whispering “Go…just go….” when we were offered the opportunity to work in Hobbs. Thank goodness I listened.

It was in New Mexico that I let the stillness be the medium for God’s voice to speak to me. I met friends placed in my life that are still in my life. Even those I don’t get to “see” are still with me.

Thank you , Divine One, for knowing what is best for me. Help me to always trust you and listen when you speak. And, thank you for the opportunity to celebrate you with new friends and colleagues  in Albuquerque.

I paid close attention to all those you placed in my path. There could be no greater blessing.

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