Grounded in Love

What is it that sets some healthcare providers apart from others? That was something I contemplated on a recent hospital visit. I watched, listened and “felt” the different energies coming in and out of the room. The best word I can come up with to describe my discovery is “grounding.” The difference in someone being able to ground me or let my spirit bounce all … Read more

Endless Love: Caring for Someone with a Terminal Illness

I know many people who have taken on a new role in their life: caregiver. It is challenging to care for a loved one suffering with a terminal illness. It is my hope that through my own personal struggle and questioning, you will be strengthened in your spirit to know His great love. When my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I realized that I, … Read more

A Moving Force of Energy – The Art of Nursing and Healing

With all the turmoil and challenges going on in the world, I want to shine a positive light and offer a prayer of recognition to those who create powerful and touching experiences. The stellar actions of this nursing team demonstrate how a positive moving force of energy makes such a difference. When my husband was discharged from the recovery unit after his surgery, we were … Read more