Where Are You, Lord?

The winds gust and howl, bending the pine trees outside my window. A redbird is riding out this storm on a cylinder feeder. He reminds me of myself in riding out life’s storms. There is a particular storm that I dislike the most. It is the storm of emptiness. It is that place where you don’t feel God in your life. Hell can surely be … Read more

Your Mothering Continues

Mother’s Day was just last Sunday, and while my mother is gone, my mothering continues with so many of you left on this earth. Your mothering continues as well. It was a hard day for some of my fellow travelers. Some are childless, as they have been anointed to a “road less traveled.” Others have been separated far too soon by an untimely call home. … Read more

Nuture a Soul

There are so many components to mothering. The nourishing of someone’s physical body, who is so completely dependent on you for his/her existence, is a bit overwhelming to me. How about the daily mentoring on manners and teaching about self-care and life skills with the goal of raising a child who can one day stand on his/her own? What about the nurturing of the soul … Read more