Following the Flight of the Lord

I remember sitting at my kitchen window watching the absolute wonders of fall. The colors of the leaves and the way the sunshine hit the trees was overwhelming. There was a crispness that you could practically see in the air. I loved the wind in the branches, and the cascade of leaves twirling toward the ground. My favorite spectacle is always the birds. What got … Read more

Refilling My Cup of Compassion at Kanuga

I ran across a brochure for Kanuga this morning. It reminded me of a time that the Lord had me visit this divine destination. Kanuga is a spiritual retreat near Asheville. It was my first visit there, and the setting could not have been more perfect. It was October in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Cottages were situated within the forest and embraced the edge of … Read more

The Hairdresser

I was feeling pretty good about myself. Letting my hair go “natural” was so empowering, until I looked in the mirror. Yikes! That brownish clay/gray color didn’t seem to do anything but make me look older and made me feel even worse.  But, I reminded myself that I was so …. natural. Authentic. Real. And imagine the money I saved by not coloring my hair and instead embraced … Read more