Silence is Not Always Golden

Have you ever “gone along with the crowd” to be accepted or to gain popularity?  I think we were all guilty of that at some point when we were younger, but certainly not today.  Right? Do you remember that in order to please the crowd, you would go right along with making fun of someone or intentionally snubbing them? How about when you remained silent … Read more

God Makes Therapists, Too

I was in therapy long enough to know that those compulsions you’re battling (whether it’s something, someone or some thought) have nothing to do with the compulsion itself.  Your hand washing has nothing to do with being clean.  Your counting has nothing to do with having the exact number, and that person you’re obsessed with has nothing to do with him (or her), but everything … Read more

Stepping Out on God’s Word

Sometimes I live in what feels like a land of “nothingness.” I sit with complete indifference. Not the sun nor the moon, the birds or the sky can inspire this woman’s dry soul. I ask myself, “Is this depression? Am I physically sick?” But my soul knows that this is a spiritual dryness. I share this with you because I know I am not alone when these … Read more