When You Don’t Have Peace With Something – Say No

Looking at the next step in our New Year journey for 2014! Tip #5: When you don’t have peace with something – say no. This tip goes right along with listening to your inner wisdom. Don’t do something that you naturally resist. You don’t have to explain anything – just say no. Your real friends will honor and respect your boundaries. They will not push … Read more

Reconnect With Old Friends – The Ones Who Love You Even When They Don't See You

Let’s continue our New Year journey for 2014! Tip #4: Reconnect with old friends – the ones who love you even when they don’t see you. “I don’t have to perform for her – call her everyday – include her in everything and yet, she is always there for me.” Those are the friends who truly love you and those are the ones we so … Read more

Study the Ancient Scriptures – Knowing God’s Wisdom Will be Revealed to You

Our New Year journey continues for 2014! Tip #3: Study the ancient scriptures – knowing God’s wisdom will be revealed to you. How are we ever supposed to know what God wants us to know – if we don’t read His Word? When Jesus gave His Sermon on the Mount, the Word says, “He saw the crowds, sat down on the mountainside and He began … Read more