Are you in the story?

When you read your Bible, one of the methods to greater understanding is to ask, “Am I in this story? Can I relate to any of the characters? Is God speaking to me?” I am preparing to speak to several groups this morning and sometimes, I feel like Moses must have felt when God asked him to go and speak to the Israelites.  He replied, ‘Me?  … Read more


It seems when I do something really selfish – like jump in front of someone in the McDonald’s line because “I’m in a hurry” or am not completely truthful about a situation “in order to protect someone else” or even when I’m nosey and try to find out something about someone that is none of my business, God reminds me immediately and even tries to … Read more

Just Be

I love getting up early in the morning to be with the Lord.  It is the most special time of the day.  It’s a time that I look forward to…..and hate to pull away.  My time with Him is just for me to ‘be’.  I sit in silence with Him.  My heart opens to love Him.  I express my gratitude for the day and the … Read more