It was called Kanuga. I had never been there before.  It is a spiritual retreat near Asheville. The setting could not have been more perfect.  It is October in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Cottages were situated within the forest and embracing the edge of a sparkling lake.  A great fireplace was in the main hall.  Rocking chairs lined up on a wide covered porch.  The cross … Read more

Who are you following?

I was sitting at my kitchen window watching the absolute wonders of fall. The colors of the leaves. The crispness that you can practically see in the air and the way the sunshine hits the trees. I love the wind in the branches and the cascade of leaves twirling toward the ground. And, of course, my favorite spectacle is always the birds. What got my … Read more

He came from out of nowhere…

He seemed to come from out of nowhere. Standing in the bank teller’s line on Saturday morning, I was questioning and doubting my work and my life. There seems to be so much need to speak and teach such good news – yet a limited opportunity. I always want more. Then, he spoke. From behind me – a voice said “Hello”. He looked like a … Read more