To have such courage…..

It’s been several weeks since we lost our Doberman, Winnie.  For those of you who love your pets, you know about that undying love and faithful companionship that shows up every day.  People ask, “Are you doing ok?” Grief changes.  The searing pain of grief has slowly eased.  It is being replaced with deeper feelings of compassion as my heart heals.  I do very well … Read more


I was feeling pretty good about myself.  Letting my hair go ‘natural’ was so empowering….until I looked in the mirror.  Wow.  That brownish clay/gray color didn’t seem to do anything but make me look older and feel even worse.  But, I reminded myself that I was so….natural.  Authentic.  Real. Thinking I just needed a different style, I decided to try a new hairdresser.  And, that’s … Read more