His name was Alexander Windsor.  A 110 pound adult male Doberman, he made quite a presence in our lives.  Beloved companion.  Devoted friend.  Always smiling, he loved us no matter what sort of mood we brought home and presented to him. He lived in the present and never held a grudge. He did not spend his days worrying about tomorrow or even a particular afternoon. … Read more

Silence is not always golden…

Have you ever “gone along with the crowd” to be accepted or to gain popularity?  I think we were all guilty of that at some point when we were younger.  (But not today, right?) Do you ever remember that in order to please the crowd – you would go right along with making fun of someone or intentionally snubbing them? How about remaining silent knowing … Read more

An example of power…..

How’s your leadership really working for you? When you go out on the floor or within a department, do people turn or avert their eyes?  Do they disappear and you find yourself alone with a nervous supervisor?   If this is happening to you – it’s a big red flag.  You will have no clue and will be blindsided with problems ‘from out of nowhere’ and … Read more

Somehow….you came through

Have you ever been ‘broke’? Had times when you absolutely didn’t know how you were going to make it ……. and suddenly you got a forgotten refund check or you found $10.00 in the pocket of an old coat?  How on earth did you make it all these years? When you look back in desolate times, somehow……you came through.  The Israelites came through too.  Right … Read more

I've had enough!

Do you ever want to throw your hands up in the air and run away? Have you ever been physically exhausted and in all your efforts – felt totally alone? So did Elijah – almost 3000 years ago.  Seems some things never change.  Elijah was a great prophet.  God was with him and through him performed many miracles.  But, when Jezebel threatened to kill him, … Read more