"I love going but…"

“I love to go to church but I can’t stand the people.”  Sound familiar?  If it doesn’t, you may not be listening or looking around at the different groups in the congregation.  It’s a phase that I have heard more than once in my life and I have to admit I’ve been ‘one of those people’. Huddled in my own little group, I never really … Read more

Wild Birds

If you love birds like I do, you probably know about Wild Birds Unlimited.  I visit several different locations but my favorite is the store on Martinsville Road in Greensboro, NC.  Bill works there.  He’s a ‘bird whisperer’ and he knows my birds! When I was overwhelmed with black birds, it was Bill who sold me on changing their food to safflower seed. He was … Read more


Some days are tough.  People shun you or make you feel like you’re not welcomed.  Workshops and speeches just don’t seem to come together. I’ve committed to saying ‘yes’ to too many obligations that now loom over my head and into my heart.  I wish my husband could get home just once before dark and that my daughter would visit more often.  All of these … Read more


I have been in therapy long enough to know that those compulsions you’re battling (whether it’s something, someone or some thought) have nothing to do with the compulsion itself.  Your hand washing has nothing to do with being clean.  Your counting has nothing to do with having the exact number and that person you’re obsessed with has nothing to do with him (or her) but … Read more