There is nothing you can do….

There is a lesson coming in every trial or tragedy.  Our Doberman, Windsor, has opened our hearts to compassion that we have not known before.  With months to live, we are cherishing every moment with him.  We are living in the moment and appreciating everything that we have and know and do. God taught me an even greater lesson through my friend, Cheryl Payton. (Typical … Read more

This day – today

“Nothing stays the same.” Words spoken to me by my friend, Barbara Patton.  Profound words that for once in my life – I finally heard.   I’ll bet you’ve ‘heard’ these words before as well.  But, listen again – “nothing stays the same”.  Nothing.  Not relationships, health, money, jobs – not even houses or gardens.  Trip and I heard yesterday that our beloved Doberman, Windsor, may … Read more

A Barren Soul

In a land of ‘nothingness’, I sit with complete indifference.  Not the sun nor the moon, the birds or sky inspire this woman’s dry soul.  Is this depression?  Am I physically sick?  No….this is a spiritual dryness that gives me grave concern. My hope comes from the words of Maya Angelou as she remembers the words of her grandmother .  They had some pretty tough … Read more

Open Membership

We have this new president of our club (relatively new – he has had the position for about 2000 years). This guy is amazing. No matter how many times I make a mistake, He always says “It’s ok”.  He’ll ask me what I learned and then he never brings it up again.  On top of that, he Has never broken a promise Is always right … Read more

Inconceivable love

I heard on the news today about the “Fukushima 50” (the 50 men rotating in and out of the Japanese damaged nuclear power plants). They do not want to be ‘named’ individually.  The commentator said, “The Japanese don’t see themselves as individuals but as a team.  One member is the extension of the other.”  Can you even imagine the brotherly love these guys have for … Read more