It's a long way….

It’s a long way from Mama Priddy’s  house to that boy’s house over by the boat landing road.  Especially on a bike.  And you, you couldn’t be 10 years old.  Why are you so obsessed in getting to see him?  What is that fixated urge and where does it come from?  So, you rode all the way over there, didn’t get to see him and then took the … Read more

To Touch a Soul

Several months ago, I  underwent a surgical thyroidectomy for the removal of 3 unknown tumors.  Pretty major stuff and I can’t say I was not anxious.  I was anxious and knew that all I had was the ability to lean into my spiritual security blanket.  So, taking a small bag of toothpaste, a brush and clothing, I checked into the hospital.  Surgery can feel like … Read more

The Pocketbook

That pink pocketbook.   It was still in the closet.  I had bought that pocketbook with the full intention of giving it to my friend Saunder– but in the spring.  I would wait.  It was such a ‘spring color’ that I would just wait…..I would wait to give her the pocket book….and I thought of all of the other things I meant to do and say … Read more

In memory of a friend

We buried my friend, Saunder Gordon yesterday.  In the cold air.  Among so many family and friends.  Yet, this morning, the wind is still blowing.  Snow is still falling.   My neighbor heads to work.    My husband hurries off to his practice.  The mailman will bring bills, again and again.   “Now listen, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, … Read more