A breathing space

I never knew about a ‘breathing space’.  I ran around all day long choking to death from one thing to another.  Now, I get it.  I have to have  my breathing space and without it, I end up exhausted, anxious and have difficulty staying focused.   Where is your breathing space?  What does it look and feel like?   How do YOU create one?  Sign up  at  www.patfarrellcoach.com for Pat’s newsletter … Read more

What do friends do?

Dinner was at my house last night.  Members of the Nurses Christian Fellowship were my guests. We came together in body and spirit – united in Christ with our goal to care for His patients.  We prayed and told him “It’s getting hard, Lord.  It’s always been a challenge but now it’s almost a battle. Help us to stay focused on the patient.  Remove the … Read more

Join Your Organizations!

I attended one of the National Speakers Association’s workshops this weekend in Atlanta.  It was my first conference with NSA and I can’t believe how much I have been missing! Where else could I find a group of like-minded people – all with different gifts yet all with one purpose – people!  Some of the attendees brought laughter to their audiences, others discussed team building … Read more

Lessons from next door…

It’s getting closer to spring and I wanted to remind us all again of the lessons that may be right next door. A couple of years ago, I was sitting at my computer – and pondering my next newsletter.  “What is my message?”  Drawing an absolute blank, I finally said, “Lord, I give up.  What are the lessons you want me to share?  What do YOU have to … Read more